I am a CANCER VIXEN!  I am thriving with Stage 4 Metastatic Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.  September 2010 saw a change in my status, from remission to active cancer.  The cancer cells had moved to my bones and the plural lining of my right lung.  My prognosis was dire.  I was admitted to Life Path Hospice and asked to sign a DNR.   At that point I stated clearly on my Facebook profile that my health was in jeopardy and I was planning on fighting.  An amazing group of individuals via social media and email lists began to flood in with prayers and support.

I am also the mother to five wonderful daughters and one additional daughter by choice.  Our six girls have blessed us with 13 grandchildren.  I am with a wonderful gentleman that knows the value of living.  He has fought beside me and fought for me when I did not have the strength to fight.

I posted a warning for cancer on my Facebook profile where I said:  “I WILL stand back up!  You’ll know the moment when I have just had ENOUGH!  Sometimes I’m AFRAID, and don’t feel that TOUGH, But. . . I WILL STAND BACK UP!  Your time in this body is over!  I am a CANCER ASSASSIN and I will destroy you with all the tools and resources available to me!”

Cancer fighting takes more than doctors, medications, chemotherapy, radiation, etc.  It also takes laughter and staying at the party until the last cocktail is served!  There were some mornings after I was released from the hospital that I would wake up and feel like I had the weight of the world pressing on my chest and emotions. On those mornings I had to recognize the pain for what it was and get out of bed to LIVE my life!  I resolved to not let my emotions become an enabler for failure.

I traveled through a 14 month journey with cancer as a constant internal companion.  The cancer was not as strong as the support group I have.  Through the treatments and while on hospice care, I continued to attend college, positively encourage others to reach for their dreams, advocate for animals and I continued living.  Cancer was a bump in the road, a pretty big bump.  This new condition will never conquer my spirit.  I have resolved to learn something from it and not to accept finality of life.

Millimeter by millimeter your life can change in a second.  Surprises sneak in and change the direction of your thoughts.  What you thought you knew becomes changed and irrelevant to the future.  Live each second of your life a millimeter at a time and appreciate the beauty that disappears forever with the setting of the sun.  Think of others first, and then lead with love.  That is what makes a hero, a champion, a role model & mentor.

I am no longer a Life Path Hospice client.  My cancer is medically controlled for the third time and I am currently receiving treatments which allow me to live my life.  I graduated at the local community college with honors and am transferring to a university.

Breast cancer is a chronic medical condition not a death sentence.


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